Real Estate Agents in NJ Caution Against Buying Houses Online

In today’s world, you can buy anything online. This includes many homes for sale on online venues! From batteries, to groceries, to cars and homes, there is an app or website that can connect you. But should you really ditch the realtors near you and do it yourself? Experienced real estate agents in your area share these secrets that suggest you may be better off working with an expert!

1. Photos lie
If you’ve been searching for homes for sale in NJ lately, you may notice something striking: they all look so good in photos! That’s because pictures can lie, especially in real estate. For example, the smell of a leaking septic system does not come through in photos, nor does the true size of most rooms. For the best home buying experience, you need a skilled real estate agent near you who can show you around and weed out the bad choices.

2. Behind-the-scenes realtor work matters
Many people are interested in avoiding a realtor when they seek a house for sale, because retailers charge a small commission. However, this includes the time and effort to handle many important tasks, such as clarifying any legalese in the purchase contract, ensuring that a home inspection is scheduled and carried out appropriately, and making sure your home’s value has not changed drastically. This makes sure you never overpay for your new home, or that you get the best price when selling your home.

3. Unlisted homes for sale
Searching only online or app-based real estate services puts you at risk of missing some great sales! Just like you might miss the best price on eggs or milk if you only visit one grocery store, by limiting yourself only to DIY options may cause you to miss a great property. The best realtors in Oradell have additional leads on the best homes for sale near you and can help you find the best home for your needs.

Ready to start finding your next home today? Sheldon Neal, sometimes known as “that British Agent,” has helped hundreds of people find the best homes for sale in NJ and would be thrilled to help you find hidden gems on your next home search. Call today to get started and trust that your home search will be in the hands of experts!

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