Realtors in NJ Discuss: Are You Better Off Investing in Real Estate or Stocks?

Today’s finance and real estate markets are volatile! This leads many savvy investors to ask their real estate agents “should I invest in real estate or stocks?” The answer depends on many different factors, so keep reading to find out!

Buy Homes for Cash, or Invest in Stocks: Which Pays More?
One of the bigger questions that investors ask when they consider buying and selling homes for cash is if they would earn more that way, or by investing that money in stocks. The answer depends. In general, real estate is a stable investment, usually returning 3-4%. On the other hand, the average return on stocks is closer to 10%. So, should you sell all your property in NJ and convert it to stocks? Don’t move so fast—remember, the stock market is much more volatile. That average number may hide one investor who “won the stock market” and another who lost everything. Real estate investment is typically a more stable and reliable investment. If you’re investing your child’s college fund, real estate is safer; if you’re investing that spare million you have sitting around, head for the stocks!

Is It More Work to Invest in Real Estate or the Stock Market?
Real estate investment can be a lot of work! Realtors in NJ know that investing in real estate involves more than just directing money into accounts; it can involve negotiations, involvement with property management and tenants, and many other challenges. However, this also gives you a chance to be more in control of your investments. Real estate investors who invest in commercial property, who monitor the real estate market closely, and who are fortunate to “buy low, sell high” can see big returns.

Should I Invest in Commercial or Residential Real Estate in NJ?
A few years back, commercial real estate investments were very solid. Then the pandemic happened, and many offices are still sitting empty while home prices continue to rise. Nobody saw that coming, and even the best real estate agents in NJ can’t predict the future. We recommend working with a trusted real estate agent near you to find the property that fits your investment needs and your local community the best.
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